What is the investment?

Session rates start at $600. Please inquire and we will send you a complete list of what we offer. All sessions include a select number of retouched images. We offer special group rates and discounts for returning clients. 

Do I need to book a hair/make-up artist?

hiring a professional make-up artist is HIGHly encouraged. they help keep everything in check while we focus on creating moments. 

What is the investment for a hair/make-up artist?

Make-up = $200-$250
hair + make-up = $250-$300
men's grooming = $175-200

Pricing is dependent upon the artist. These are the standard rates for headshot hair/make-up based on up to 3 hrs of work on set with us. Additional time with make-up artist on set is $50 /hr. 

What should I wear/bring?

Wear what you love and bring what makes you happy. It's absolutely the most important that you feel fantastic in whatever you bring. we love texture: denim, satin, chiffon, light knitwear, (p)leather etc. we also love a good basic. almost any color goes. If you are having issues with what to wear/colors, let's chat. I have so many mood boards. so. many. mood. boards. 

I have a steamer, iron, blow-dryer, hair straightener, curling iron, baby wipes, lotion, and a bunch of other stuff here. If I haven't listed it, just ask!

if you would like some piece of mind, i work with an amazing stylist! Lee Hurst is a working actor/writer/comedian/stylist/all around amazing human in nyc who understands fashion, industry standard looks, headshot wardrobe, & getting to the heart of who you are and translating that visually! lee style website

What is a "look?"

A "look" is a combo of your hair/make-up/wardrobe and the lighting/vibes we are shooting. For example, you may want one look to be bright and commercial, while the other is deep and dramatic. 

If you bring light layers (denim/leather/khaki/flannel), they will not count as separate looks. Throwing a jacket over your top and keeping the same mood going will not change the pace of our shoot.  

Do you offer 1-look shoots?

sure, but the most basic package is "up to 3 looks" to give you options and time to play with your personality.  there are no special rates for only 1 look. 

What is a "personality" portrait?

This type of shoot is basically a lifestyle shoot. what's a lifestyle shoot? it can be absolutely anything. I know that sounds overwhelming and your brain is now going through a million things, but the absolute best way to approach this is by thinking about you, your favorite things, something that makes you laugh, even something as simple as i want to be photographed in this fabulous dress because it makes me feel like a princess! If this still sounds overwhelming, I can help you narrow it down with a questionnaire. ok, I despise the word "brand" when associated with a human being, but lets call it like it is. As an actor you are your business and "personality" portraits are a way for you to "brand" yourself and give everyone an idea of who you are/your perspective. 

Examples of how this has gone in the past:
client- i love sprinkles and i want to put them all over my face
me- awesome let's do that. you supply the sprinkles & glue. 
client- great! i'll see you tomorrow

client- i brought this bouquet of roses with me, but idk what to do with it.
me- this is incredible. we're going to do all the things with this bouquet of roses. 
client- can't wait! 

Indoors or outdoors?

I love outdoor and indoor portraits. 
Indoor studio work will provide a controlled environment. No extraneous elements creeping into our shot that we sometimes get outdoors.

Outdoor headshots are only available April-October, with possible leeway in freakishly good weather. 

Natural light vs. studio light?

I love it all! Sometimes I shoot completely studio light, sometimes I mix light, sometimes it's 100% natural light. Before we shoot, let's go through my portfolio together- show me what speaks to you. studio work will provide a controlled environment which you may prefer. 

Can I look at my photos during the shoot?

I will show you select images as we go at my discretion. Looking at every image becomes a huge distraction to you. It's very important you connect with me and the camera instead of worrying about what you look like. You'll find your favorite images are the ones where you are "in the moment." Your make-up artist (if you've booked one) and I will make sure everything is in check as we shoot- make-up, hair, clothing, etc. 

How far in advance do I need to book?

We can schedule our session as far as 4 months in advance. It's typical that you will need to book a 2 months in advance. It's rare that you will be able to book a week or day in advance...but ya never know, right?! We sometimes get last minute openings and currently have a waitlist. Let's GO FOR IT!

How do I get my photos back after we shoot?

You will be sent a gallery of your session with the high-res and web sized images approximately 10 days after your shoot. From there, you go through all your fun new pics and send me (or a recommended retoucher) your select images for re-touching and you'll have those files back in another 7-10 days (these can be made "priority" at an additional cost and you will get your retouched images back in 48 hrs)! Ta da!

Do I need to get my images retouched?

Light retouching is definitely recommended on headshots. Why? It's helpful when guiding the viewer directly to your eyes. It's great to get rid of distractions that might cause a casting director or agent to look somewhere besides your eyes: a pimple that's not normally present on your face, stray hairs that catch the light funny, a piece of lint on your top we overlooked while shooting, tiny specks of mascara that crumbled onto your cheeks, etc. I'm not a fan of over-retouching images and will always ask you to be my second pair of eyes in making sure I haven't smoothed over a freckle you are fond of or a wrinkle you find cute. Some of my sessions include retouched images by me, but you may also send your high-res images elsewhere (I recommend Reproductions or ColorWorksNYC).  

Many of the images in my Personality portfolio have not been retouched. Why? It's unnecessary when we are celebrating you in all your glory.