HEY, THAT'S ME ^, CORINNE (PRONOUNCED "cuh-rin" or "cor-in"...it's the same to my ears). A HEADSHOT & PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER IN NYC.


I'm a super weirdo-easy going-perfectionist. i moved to NYC in 2007 to study musical theater in college- stayed in NYC for the vibes, the food supply, and all of you creative people. Creators make the world go 'round and empowering you to make inspiring art with the work we do together is what it's all about. 

Random Fun Facts:

  • Married to a wonderful man. He's an engineer/creator & I'm in constant awe.

  • We have an rescue poodle, Lila. She’s not allowed at shoots bc she’s a nervous lil thing.

  • when not working with images, i can be found doing arts & crafts or hiking with hubs & pups. Ok, truthfully, I’m probably just looking for ice cream & sleeping, but I like to think I have the energy to craft & hike.

  • my love of portraiture started young. as a kid, I made giant image collages with all the SUnday newspaper and paper insert clippings. It was basically my first Pinterest. 

  • i was a child/teen model from ages 7-17! This definitely has influence on what I do now.  



  • rock collection. 


Our studio is currently located in Long Island City super close to major subway lines and a mere 10 minutes from midtown. Exact Location + map HERE



we will strive to create images that are simultaneously effortless and dynamic.  the best portraits are made when you are relaxed, casual, and open to spontaneity (yes, even in a ball gown). I'm here to support, direct, and plant thought bubbles in your brain. I've always got your back.

Indoors, we play with light and color to get what works best for you and your personality- we find joy, we get serious, and everything in between. Outdoors, we explore different locations and talk about life. Expect some awkward dancing throughout the shoot.

you are encouraged to bring a music playlist (or playlist requests) and whatever makes you most comfortable and inspired during your session.   

Please refer to our FAQ page for more specific info. 

For more info, please contact me! 


I wish I could work with every single person on planet earth, but it doesn’t statistically work out. I become very invested in each individual’s growth through imagery. it’s the greatest thrill to lift others up and remind them that they are unique and have a story to tell unlike any other. from the moment you step into my studio, it becomes my personal mission to see you move forward in life with verve. creating excellent headshots that represent you and the work you do are one way we achieve this. creating excellent portraits that help your personality shine are the second. I could probably write a collection of poems on this topic and if you’ve made it this far in the text, comment on a photo on my instagram with a sauropod (dinosaur) emoji just for fun. only you and I and the elite few will know what’s happening and I lurve you, you’re my favorite kind of person.